Aleksandra Sidor

I am working across media in painting, text, sound, sculpture, photography, installation and video. My work explores themes of sensitivity, morality, ethicality, individual and collective trauma. My interest in the creation of wide range of work is motivated by the possibility of exploring different perceptions and the potential of various forms of audience participation. 


I am interested in the idea of the investigation of consciousness, awareness and empathy. The pieces that I made were very often based on different writings on psychoanalysis and inspired by social, cultural and political transformations.

My paintings often depict transformative encounters of bodies with other beings. This point of connectivity as well as manipulated proportions , test the power relations of the subjects.

The intentions behind my art are usually connected with the therapeutic aspects of experiencing art. However, having in mind the specificity of the works that I created, I am unable to predict all the possible reactions to it. I value and learn from feedback and I consider it an important part of my artistic practice.



BA (Hons) Fine Art, Arts University Bournemouth



Not sure if it will happen in my lifetime, online exhibition, Solo Show website
2019        Praesentia, ae, f. Alex Mayall, Lumen Crypt Gallery, London, UK



Feather Dusting, online exhibition, curated by Kleio collective 


Solo Show, Chapter 2, A postnet folk fanfiction fairytalemythology (p.1), online exhibition, curated by Underground Flower and Rhizome Parking Garage, Solo Show website 

Arts University Bournemouth Summer Exhibition 



I'm not a feminist, I believe in equality. A feminist exhibition, BUMF Gallery, Bournemouth, UK


Kiosk 7, Copenhagen, Denmark


Anachronism, Russell-Cotes, Bournemouth, UK


8IN5, Arts University Bournemouth, UK 


Art and Fashion Forum, 8th Edition, Poznan, Poland



I'm not a feminist, I believe in equality. A feminist exhibition, BUMF Gallery, Bournemouth, UK



Kiosk 7, Copenhagen, Denmark

Skills and other qualifications

Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign 

Photography – processing, documentation, street photography;

Video editing - Adobe Premiere and After Effects

Competent in use of Sculptris and Blender,

Competent operator of PC and Mac,

Competent in use of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Wordpress,

Screen printmaking, etching,

Working with resin and clay,

Confident in written and spoken English and Polish